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Sparx provides advanced consumer engagement technology for polling, trivia, predictive gaming, sports wagering and audience data


Sparx has conceived and built over 100 interactive TV and video projects, from Video On Demand to Predictive Gaming on Live TV Sports to Real-time Mobile Trivia. The Sparx Platform enables broadcasters, streamers, and video producers to engage viewers for longer, generate revenue opportunities, and create lean-forward experiences for audiences eager to join in the action on any screen.

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It all starts with Participation. The Sparx Participation Platform allows television and video producers to engage audiences in real-time voting, polling, and sentiment gathering activities. The platform integrates directly with any graphics engine for the display of live results. Retain viewers, generate revenue, and create lean forward experiences for your audience with the Sparx Participation Platform.


Predictive Gaming

Predictive Gaming is the future of live sporting events on TV. The Sparx Platform allows producers to rapidly and easily create on-the-fly predictive questions to respond to in-the-minute action. Play, predict, and win.



Sparx Trivia provides the ultimate platform for creating live, viral trivia games. Whether on television or in-app using ultra low latency video, our trivia platform drives repeat engagement with multiple formats, points, live leaderboards, and even prize fulfillment.



Add interactive layers of voting, polling, or trivia to On-Demand video.



Sparx Lite gets local broadcasters up and running with a versatile feature set of voting and polling mobile-to-broadcast integration tools. Easy to use, simple to set up. Sparx Lite is the answer for small and local broadcasters who need a quick solution to engage their audiences now.


Design & Animation

Sparx offers full service 2D & 3D design and animation services, including post production motion graphics, VFX, and compositing.


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