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Orlando Magic Gamification

The Sparx platform was conceived by a group of forward-thinking engineers and tv producers who shared a passion for production, innovative technology, and surfing on Bondi Beach. Our passionate and highly skilled team has helped content creators of all types connect with their audiences through engaging, lean-in experiences across screens. 

With success across broadcasting and in-venue events—including media, sports, and corporate engagements—we make immersive, cross-screen content experiences simultaneously turnkey and unique.

Over the past decade, Sparx has built and executed over 200 different experiences that invite viewers to interact with live television, video streams, and video on demand through contesting, voting, polling, live Q&As, and gamification. Brands big and small turn to us to develop and strengthen meaningful relationships with their consumers, including ESPN, Blizzard Entertainment, the Academy Awards, Scotiabank, and the Vancouver Canucks.

Sparx experiences don’t just generate a new kind of brand loyalty. They also unlock new revenue streams for today’s broadcasters and brands. 

With over a billion viewer interactions to date, our platform has a proven track record of transforming the act of watching a screen into a live participation experience for the viewer. In today’s digitally connected world, audience is everything. 

Give your viewers the experience they actually want.

Audiences today are distracted. It’s no longer enough for creators to catch their audience’s attention on a single channel—be it a live event, broadcast, virtual conference, or streaming service. 


The brands that win are those that succeed in capturing their full attention: engaging them across screens and inspiring them to lean in. 

Sparx can help you become a winning brand.   


Sparx helps content creators connect with their audiences through interaction and gamification features they can incorporate directly into their programming.


Our core mission is to increase engagement with live and on-demand content to strengthen the relationship between creator and consumer.

To achieve this, we prioritize trust. We understand the time, resources and commitment that go into producing high quality productions and events. The Sparx team shares your enthusiasm, passion and industry expertise. We’re here to help take your viewer experience to the next level. 

Together we can bring top-grade experiences to life, from primetime broadcast specials to local fundraising events. 


Sparx continues to drive innovation in the media and event space as it grows, shifts and adapts to meet the demands of end users. Our experience in media gives us a unique edge in predicting the latest trends and opportunities, and understanding how to navigate a changing media landscape. 

Our focus is on continually providing new features through the platform that capture viewers in innovative ways and satisfy the growing demand for user engagement. Most recently, we launched Sparx Studio, to create the same high engagement experiences on a single screen, helping corporate events, auctions, professional seminars and edtech improve their impact. 

We strive to make every Sparx platform simple to use and flexible for content originators across all industries. As we shift towards a SaaS/PaaS model and incorporate our proprietary NFT platform, we will continue to give producers and originators the tools they need to create unique viewing experiences and revenue opportunities. 

We can’t wait to help you connect with your audience. 


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