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Branded UI & Content


Zombie’s 2 is a Disney Channel Original musical movie. Accessible through Disney Now (Disney’s on demand app) Viewers can watch on-demand clips of the show and play along on the Disney Watch&Play experience that uses the Sparx platform to integrate their library of on demand video content with polling, trivia, push notifications and branded content. The play anytime interactive experience allows viewers to participate in the show as it syncs with any native video players (from anywhere) any time (on demand / doesn’t have to be live). Zombie fans can test their knowledge of the show while they watch and learn fun facts about it (via push notifications) and sing-a-long to the songs performed throughout the musical. Viewers access an experience they wouldn't otherwise see on a regular screening or network TV broadcast of the movie adding a new layer of incentive and excitement to unlock through on demand streaming. 


DisneyNow Watch & Play

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