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ESPN College Gameday

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College football has no shortage of fans. With over 100 teams across the United States, NCAA football games can drive hundreds of thousands of fans into any given town on gameday. 


But not every fan is on-site for each game. ESPN’s College GameDay, by The Home Depot, was averaging 1,880,000 viewers when they engaged Sparx to build out interactive experiences for their viewers. Their goal? Invite at-home viewers to participate before, during, and after the game. 


Using the Sparx Studio platform, Sparx helped ESPN engage their television audience with predictive questions and football trivia. With live audience polling data, including the Aflac Trivia question of the day, football fans across the country were able to experience the excitement of gameday together—no matter where they were watching—while ESPN collected meaningful audience sentiment and engagement data.

ESPN College Gameday

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ESPN College Gameday
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