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Live Events Have A Second-Screen Problem. Sparx Solves It.

It's all about the fan experience, and a stadium is meant to be a place for fans to get together. This might sound rather obvious, but the actual fan experience has, at least in virtual events & sports, seen significant development over the past years. The future of live events is here and it's exciting. Fans tweet their reactions, apps keep attendees in the loop, and there's a real-time leaderboard for the hottest interactive games. Yet, there's still a problem.

Fan engagement is a growing concern in recent years. With fierce competition for attendance between sporting events, keeping fans engaged before and during games is becoming increasingly important. Certain types of events, for example, a night at a concert venue, do not lend themselves easily to fan engagement. Fans want to be involved, they want to share videos, chat online, and interact with other fans on social media.

Sparx has taken in-stadium entertainment to new heights to meet this demand. It enables you to reach out to your audience in all possible ways, resulting in a memorable experience for them. The "second screen" is merely a stepping stone to the world of immersive real-time fan engagement.

Sparx is shaking up the second screen by seamlessly integrating live programming into viewers' mobile devices. We strive to provide the most immersive second-screen experience possible. It elevates the experience of watching your favourite sport or event.

Sparx is a live second-screen platform, that allows you to engage your audience through surveys, polls, games, announcements and more. As a result, Sparx boosts broadcasters' ratings and revenue, improves live events for attendees, and engages your customers for brands.


Second screen technology is great for socializing, but what about interaction? That's where Sparx comes in!

  • Streaming content, chat and a more engaging experience for the audience.

  • Sparx Studio automatically transforms your existing content into a more engaging and interactive experience for your viewers.

  • Dialogue is more engaging and interactive.

  • By utilizing the power of live social video, you can engage your viewers in conversation, create insightful moments for your brand, and expand the reach of your broadcasts.

  • Increased audience engagement and interaction; increased sales and sponsorship opportunities.


On-Demand Gamified Video

  • Captive audiences for immersive content are provided by video-on-demand sites. Immersive experiences can also be scheduled for delivery via streaming platforms, resulting in audience gamification.

  • An immersive experience in the comfort of their home or office.

  • Unique and unforgettable branded experiences.


By enabling live, interactive, multi-channel engagement with up to thousands of participants, the platform is ideal for organizations looking to innovate in the digital space.

  • The Sparx Studio platform boosts content engagement across all types of virtual events, including corporate and educational settings.

  • A global organization can use Sparx Studio to launch a virtual event, track attendance, and measure results.

  • A new way to facilitate online, in-person and blended learning.

  • Sparx Studio is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to upload videos, images, presentations, and other media.

To summarize, organizations will see the greatest potential for engaging viewers by creating interactive experiences that can be enjoyed live at events or watched later. They will also use new technology and social media to allow users to interact with one another as well as directly with their brand. The ultimate goal is to create a deep, lasting connection between the brand and its viewers by creating a truly memorable experience. Hear your audience cheer!

Light up your next event!


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