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The Dream Stream - VOD Experiences with Sparx Studio

When was the first time you heard about streaming? I'm guessing it's rather recent. But did you know that streaming has been around "technically" since the late 1800s?

Ever heard of the Théâtrophone? We hadn't either. But get this! The Théâtrophone was used in the late 1800s as a telephone distribution tool. In France, people would gather around their telephones to listen to Opera and other musical events. You see, we're not re-inventing the streaming wheel at Sparx. Instead, we've given it a turbo-engine that your audience can interact with in real-time.

Histroy has evolved with further inventions and capabilities to get content into the eye of viewers as fast as possible thanks to the internet and web-based content. Music, movies and education are just a few industries that have embraced streaming.

So what's next?

It's a not a matter of what's next as much as, "What's already here?"

The Sparx Streamhub allows you to own your streamed content's distribution by hosting interactivity around your on-demand experience. This also gives you the freedom and flexibility to put out content at your leisure and relieve some of the pressure of always needing to be, "On."

This is also easily achieved in the Sparx Studio as you are able to time code your interactivity and plan out experiences in-time with your conent.

Why can't I just use what's already out there?

Well, yeah, you certainly can do that. But here's why we advise against it. With the Sparx Studio, you are able to set up custom registration fields so that you are aligning your marketing goals with your content. We whole heartedly believe that if you own your content, you should also own your audience. Meaning YOU need to know who's watching and engaging with YOU....not your distributors. As much as we appreciate the need for partners to get your message out, you should still be owning the audience that came to watch YOU.

Okay.....but how?

Easily, that's how! We've always prided ourselves on our technology's ability to work within your workflow. The Sparx Studio works with all kinds of video hosting programs that we can integrate for you so that your interactivity is as seemless as possible. Once your video hosting platform is integrated, you're off to the races being able to create exciting content experiences that can work for you!


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