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Sparx Technology Launches Theme Builder in Sparx Studio

Theme Builder is here! Sparx has launched our latest Studio enhancement. Theme Builder gives Studio users the ability to fully customize and control the mobile, in-venue, and broadcast interactive experiences. The benefits include: ease of use for the studio owner; entertaining and engaging interactive experiences for the audience; and 1st party data capture so sponsors are reaching the right audience.

Taking interactivity to the next level with engagement across all devices

Sparx Theme Builder is the low code/ no code solution to build amazing interactive experiences.

Utilizing Theme Builder allows you, the Sparx Studio user, to place your assets exactly where you want. Control where your static or ad-server inventory is placed for desktop, mobile, and tablet. Customize the theme of your experience to match your branding and easily freshen it up as you go!

No hard coding needed.


Our engagement automation software has now become a completely customizable CREATOR FRIENDLY ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM and takes audience engagement from a promotional tool to an art form. The canvas is set!

A turbo-charged studio

While launching Theme Builder the Sparx Studio still contains its foundation; deployable updates near sub-second latency, captured first party data, interaction with audiences anywhere in the world.

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