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How To Create An Impressive Event with Sparx Studio.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Increase revenue and impact with interactive Livestreams and second-screen experiences.

You've probably heard of second-screen experiences, in which your audience can access complementary content while watching television using a tablet or mobile device. But did you know that this concept goes beyond this specific application? That's right, there's a brand-new art form known as second screen experiences that allows you to connect and engage with your audience in real-time, offering unprecedented opportunities to create a memorable experience for your brand.

Every brand has a story to tell, and that story should lead to a successful business and a loyal consumer. Creating an event, if you have the right tools, can help you capture and showcase your brand's message in a beautiful way. Sparx Studio was created to bring brands closer to their customers through interactive experiences.

Make a memorable event. Reconnect with your audience across screens with interaction and gamification features they've never seen before.

Sparx Studio makes it easy to create and distribute a variety of interactive experiences available via a web browser or native app."

The Benefits of Using Sparx Studio to Host Your Events

Sparx Studio is a platform that enables users to plan, host, and manage events from beginning to end.

Sparx Studio allows you to plan your event from anywhere, at any time, using your desktop or mobile device and without the need for any software downloads. It can be tailored to any industry or business type, so whether you’re hosting a conference for 500+ people at the Bellagio in Las Vegas or an intimate gathering at a local coffee shop, Sparx Studio has you covered.

With the growing popularity of social media, the importance of events in the marketing and public relations industry has grown. With Sparx Studio, you can easily create an impressive event.

Sparx Studio enables you to:

Create interactive experiences for live events such as award shows and sporting events to increase engagement and viewership.

Create interactive experiences for linear TV broadcasts so that viewers can take part in polls, trivia, and live surveys while watching their favourite shows.

Allow viewers to share their thoughts with friends while watching to spark social media conversations.

Here are some ideas

Live Music Events

Sparx Studio empowers your live music event by giving your audience a fully interactive experience, converting their participation into sales. Transform your Livestream show into a participatory experience for your audience, complete with live chat, real-time audience sentiment, sponsorship, and merchandise sales.

As viewers feel connected to the event, the brand image is reinforced. They will share it with their friends, resulting in a viral effect that has no negative impact on the brand. You will engage your audience in the event and provide them with a one-of-a-kind, participatory experience.

Fundraisers Events

Fundraisers are a fun way to help your favourite cause. A virtual charity fundraiser is an interactive way to help raise money for your organization or a cause you strongly believe in. Participants make donations, engage in a variety of fun activities, and even make new friendships with supporters. Have great FUN while raising funds for your community cause.

Your organization will be able to raise more money and awareness by offering your participants great incentives!


Corporate events must provide value. This can be achieved by turning the event into a community with a positive impact on employees and your organization.

Features: spontaneous interactions and dialogues, advantages: high impact and ROI to your event for all stakeholders (employees, partners, customers)

benefits: increase employee engagement, and amplify the value of your corporate events.

Engage, entertain, motivate and capture real-time user feedback for your next big idea.


Embed interactivity into on-demand content to create better experiences and connect with students in new ways. Capture insight into user engagement and feedback with real-time reports that highlight sentiment analysis, participation rates, and more.

A personalized learner experience that aligns with the demands of your curriculum and course objectives.

Want to learn more about creating an amazing experience for your audience? explore our case studies. It's a great place to look for inspiration!


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