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How To Get New Donors, Engage Your Audience & Generate Revenue

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Essential to popularizing your fundraising event is building community participation. You've got to make sure that your community is fully aware and able to participate in your exciting fundraising event. This starts with finding the right sponsorship partners who are interested in supporting the cause.

All eyes on you…that's the kind of feeling that you get when you're hosting a fundraising event. There are countless tasks to be completed and deadlines to be met: securing sponsors, deciding on the location, figuring out the theme, buying prizes, etc...

If you are getting ready to host a fundraising event, your first goal is likely to increase monetary donations and overall sponsorships, right? And yes, while the money is important, ensuring that your event has the best atmosphere possible is also just as crucial. An event with adequate lighting, state-of-the-art sound, and an abundance of wholesome treats will be remembered by guests long after the last bite of dessert. The question you're probably asking yourself then is, “How do I make sure my event stands out?”

Here are some tips:

  • Gamify your giving

  • Use social media

  • Take online donations

  • Go digital with your plans

  • Stimulate sales with a buy one, get one deal

  • Develop special programs and events

  • Use technology to simplify the checkout

  • Host an online auction

  • Sell the cause, not just tickets

You really need to make a splash! No one will remember your presentation if it was like everyone else's. That's why visually creative fundraising event ideas are so key: They'll help you stand out from your peers, raise more money, and attract those top-tier future employees.

Fundraising has always been a big challenge. Before virtual fundraising became a trending idea, organizations often struggled to prove their value by holding various fundraising events. The thing is, fundraising events are expensive and exhausting on both the organization’s and its patrons’ sides. Not only do they cost billions of dollars every single year to organize but they also take up precious time at the expense of other important events and projects.

Are you the same event your attendees were at ten years ago? Or even five years ago? Have you ever wondered whether there was a way to be innovative with your fundraising event? Well, it's time for a new approach!

Here are some happy organizations using the Sparx platform...

Sparx Studio

Creating a good donor's fundraising campaign is not easy, we as people are very distracted and don't have much time, so we need something that attracts their attention, convinces them to donate, and gives them the opportunity to choose what they want to donate, reminding them why they should give us their support.

The Sparx platform is a revolutionary fundraising solution providing many features to help you recruit new donors and get the most out of existing ones. In other words, Sparx Studio is built to help you do fundraising better – more efficiently and with more opportunities for engagement. This means that more donors are introduced to your cause, strangers become new contributors, and friends and family make their giving a little easier.

Why Sparx Studio it's the right tool?

Raise more money with interactive experiences.

Make your fundraiser stand out.

Engage and Connect with participants.

Easy to set up - no tech experience needed.

Get the attention of your donors and raise more money.

Take a look at Sparx Studio and think of the possibilities for your next fundraiser! Just imagine the fun you can have turning your fundraising event into virtual reality.

Light up your next event!


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