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How this event is expanding its audience with interactivity and gamification

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The United States is the world’s largest market for collector cars. From the vehicles themselves to general memorabilia, Americans travel far and wide to see which legendary makes and models are back on the market.

Barrett Jackson is the first live broadcast car auction. The renowned brand hosts auctions for collector cars and “automobilia” across the US. But these auctions were always a one-way broadcast: viewers could tune in, but they couldn’t partcipate. That’s where Sparx came in.

Sparx teamed up with Barrett Jackson to take their live auctions to the next level. Through the Sparx Studio, at-home viewers can now participate in predictive gaming.

How Barrett Jackson uses Sparx to enhance their content and expand their audience

1. Data collection - Users register to play Fantasy Bid and watch the live event through a web browser link. Audience data and metrics are collected within the platform.

2. Predictor game tool - The predictor tool allows users to guess the value of featured cars. The closest guess to the auctioned value wins!

3. Sponsorships integration - Sponsors are featured throughout the experience and ads are integrated into the custom branded interface.

4. Gamification - Live and on-demand hybrid style game - Barrett Jackson runs its Fantasy Bid contest leading up to and during the event. Users are incentivized to place their bets for a chance to win. Winners are announced at the end of the live event.

4. Retention and audience expansion. - Barrett Jackson utilizes the Sparx platform to expand their audience attendance at the in-person event by having people tune in virtually and participate in the experience from home.

Why choose Sparx?

Our team of experienced tv producers, developers and engagement enthusiasts work with you to create a unique experience tailored to your goals and needs. Our platform allows for complete customization and interactivity. Find our how you can create a memorable experience to drive engagement, excite your audience and stand out.


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