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How Big Brother Australia and Sparx ramp up audience engagement with “Who Wins?... You Decide!”

Big Brother Australia had a grand plan to keep "The Grand Finale" of their season exciting.

They wanted their fans, watching on Channel Seven and 7Plus, to feel the rush

right through to the very end. Big Brother innovated by inviting viewers to decide the

winner which was broadcast live on television. It was indeed an exhilarating

engagement for the fans as well as for the Big Brother housemates.

The network’s unique campaign allowed viewers to participate live in the Grand Finale.

They gave the fans not only a chance to watch the finale in real-time but ultimately to

be part of making history by casting their votes. The Sparx platform lives vote activation

resulted in getting maximum reach to a wider audience.

The viewers had the authority to make the final decision through an interactive second-

screen live vote and choose between the final 3 housemates.

Big Brother leveraged Sparx’s interactive second-screen experiences and the strong social media strategy to encourage viewers to connect and become part of the decision-making process. This engaged and inspired hundreds of thousands of fans to participate live in the excitement of the Big Brother.

It's a simple idea that anyone can do. Often, the greatest ideas are. Give your fans something exciting to engage with that makes them feel part of the show. Giving people something to engage with will get them talking and reinforce your message with your target audience.

Final takeaways?

1. Don't underestimate the value of a single episode, especially if it has high relevance in the viewer's life.

2. Give control over to your audience (lightest touch possible) to guide the storyline, experience and further engagement.

3. And above all keep the second screen experience simple, relevant and fun.

Sparx Studio has been a valued partner of Big Brother Australia since 2019, providing the production team with next-level technology that allows them to engage with their audience in real-time in an interactive way.

Sparx Studio is a platform for maximizing the potential of interactive and gamified second-screen experiences. Break down barriers, and drive engagement across all screens.

Light up your next event!


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